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Join Fair Wealth Australia for a safety net in life, and the help you might need when you need it - in money and in health.

As a group, we're able to support the individual. And one day, that could be you.

That's what we're about.


Fair Wealth Australia is a membership organisation of like-minded working Australians who contribute every week to the centralised fund (starting at just $11 per week). Money from that fund is then used whenever a member is in need or has an opportunity to advance themselves.

It's a safety net in life - and fantastic value too.

For starters, there's a range of insurances included in the membership subscription. You also get access to grants for instant money should you ever need it. Our membership services can help you find and arrange great personal loans for a new car or holiday, as well as the best mortgages for your own home or an investment property.


All members are able to access up to 10x counselling sessions per year to keep your mental health in order (it's worth the membership fee just in these), receive baseline Funeral Insurance, and access a free independent mortgage test every year to make sure you have the most effective loan you can for your circumstances. (often saving you more than the weekly subscription just there). 

So if you work and pay tax in Australia - then you're exactly the type of person we help protect.

It's an idea based on mateship. Sure, it might be old-fashioned, but the concept of getting working people together to pool money every week to have it available to whoever needs some of it next is one that works - and has done so with our members for over 75 years now.

Being a not-for-profit, we keep our expenses low, and our benefits high.

We don't pay dividends to shareholders or directors because the members essentially own our organisation. ​So check out the plans below, and then call us, livechat us, or complete the membership form and we'll be ready to help answer any questions.


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Membership Features

Our standard membership package for $11 per week comprises a range of essential benefits to help support your mind and money welfare.  

This includes basic insurance cover, financial assistance in the form of grants, access to our consultants to help improve your finances, life coaching, mental health counseling, plus a range of other tools, events, advice, and support services. 


You can also customise your membership by extending the list of features as per the options listed in the membership below. We're here as someone for you to turn to should trouble strike, or simply to improve your money and mind welfare.  

Access to Discretionary Financial Grants

  • Sick & Accident Self (up to $5,000)*

  • *Option to access up to $10,000 +7.00 pw

  • *Option to add Family Sick & Accident up to $5,000 +8.00 pw

  • *Option to add Family Sick & Accident up to $10,000 +14.00 pw

  • Financial Distress Grant

  • Natural Disaster Grant (up to $1,000)

  • Education Grant (up to $500)

  • Family Funeral Grant

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Access to Financial Specialists

  • No-cost assistance to plan your home finances

  • No-cost assistance to review your current loans

  • No-cost assistant to review your current mortgage

  • No-cost assistance to review your credit score

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Access to Loans

  • No-cost assistance to secure a Small Loan up to $3,000

  • No-cost assistance to secure a Personal Loan up to $80,000

  • No-cost assistance to secure a new Home Loan

  • No-cost assistance to secure a new Car Loan (or any other vehicle)

Funeral Savings Account

  • Setup of government-approved Funeral Savings Account

  • Earn a guaranteed 5% interest

  • Enjoy the benefit of compound interest over time

  • Minimise the worry of funeral costs for your family

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Insurance - Funeral Cover Self (includes to $5,000)

  • Option to increase cover to $7,500 (+ $2.50 pw)

  • Option to increase cover to $10,000 (+ $5.00 pw)

  • Option to increase cover to $12,500 (+ $7.50 pw)

  • Option to increase cover to $15,000 (+ $10.00 pw)

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Life Coaching & Counselling Sessions

  • Includes up to 6x sessions at no-cost

  • Worth the cost of membership alone

  • Option to get up to 20x sessions per year (+ $3.00 pw)

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Credit Health Check Sessions

  • Includes 2x credit health check sessions per year at no cost

  • Aim to reduce the interest you are paying every year

  • Delivered by Financial Specialist

  • Includes Mortgage Health Check

  • Includes Credit Health Check (other loans)

  • Includes Credit Score Review (to make borrowing easier)

  • Direct savings to your household budget

  • Option to increase to 4x sessions (+ $2.00 pw)

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Range of Free Tools

  • Quarterly digital-edition Fair Wealth Newsletter

  • Online Financial Fitness Tracker / Dashboard (manage your personal budget)

  • Further tools being added over time

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Add-On Option: Funeral Insurance (Family)

  • $5,000 coverage for cost of funeral for a family member (+ $2.50 pw)

  • $7,500 coverage for cost of funeral for a family member (+ $5.00 pw)

  • $10,000 coverage for cost of funeral for a family member (+ $7.50 pw)

  • $12,500 coverage for cost of funeral for a family member (+ $10.00 pw)

  • $15,000 coverage for cost of funeral for a family member (+ $12.50 pw)

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So, is it worth it?

You bet it is.


Just the insurance Funeral Cover plus the 6x Life Coaching & Counselling Sessions alone are worth the cost of membership. Right there.


However, you then get so much more...

Access to the discretionary Financial Grants for fast and direct financial support that you can rely on should you ever endure money trouble due to sickness, accident, natural disaster, bills that are piling up, or the death of a family member.

Access to the discretionary Education Grant for up to $500 to help give your kids, or yourself, a better educational opportunity. This can include money for uniforms, stationary, bags, musical instruments, and more.



Add the money you could save thanks to accessing our financial staff who will help you optimise your mortgage and other loans for cars, holidays, pools,  furniture, and more, to potentially save thousands in interest and expenses from the banks and other lenders.


Access to fast Small Loans up to $3,000 and online Financial Tools that are there to help you manage your budget and cost of living pressures to live a better life with less stress - knowing you're doing OK and are top of all things financial.



Add the Annual Picnic Day and Charity Contribution we make so you know a part of your weekly membership fee goes towards helping other people and charities beyond ourselves through our Charitable Heart Program and Helper Mate

Finally, there's a value to the membership that's hard to quantify when it comes to being a part of a community-based not-for-profit membership group that's here to help you at all times in matters both mind and money.

Click here to join using our online Membership Application Form


As they say, life wasn't meant to be easy, but membership with Fair Wealth Australia is a great way to make it just that little bit simpler when it comes to matters of the mind and money. As a member, you can always turn to us. 

How do I join?
You can join online using the Membership Application form.
More questions?
See our FAQs below, or visit our more extensive FAQ page.
Or call Customer Service on (02) 9633 1670.
Or email
Or visit our Contact Us page to make an online enquiry.

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