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Family Moments

Invest in your well-being with Fair Wealth Australia.

Choose a plan that suits you best

Membership starts from just $11.00 per week, and includes up to $1,650 worth of counselling and life coaching sessions, thousands of dollars insurance cover, access to discretionary financial grants, financial checkups, and alot more.

Standard Membership


per week

  • Access to Financial Grants

  • Sick & Accident For Yourself
    (up to $5,000)


  • Funeral Savings Account at 5% interest

  • Free Journey Cover Insurance

  • Insurance - Funeral Cover Self (includes to $5,000)

  • Free Life Coaching & Counselling
    (up to 10x free sessions pa)


  • Access to Financial Specialists

  • Natural Disaster Grant
    (up to $1,000)


  • Education Grant (up to $500)

  • Family Funeral Grant

  • Free Credit Health Checks
    (up to 2x free sessions pa)

  • Free Mortgage Health Check

Premium Individual


per week

  • All standard plan, plus

  • Increased Sick & Accident For Yourself (up to $10,000)

Family Plan


per week

Click to apply
  • All Premium Plan, plus 

  • Family Sick and Accident Cover
    (up to $10,000)


  • Up to $10,000 Funeral Cover
    (coverage amount can be split)


  • Saving $2 per week


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