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How we help our members – Case Studies

Fair Wealth Australia provides working Australians of all demographics with resources needed to prioritise well-being when needed most, without judgment. We help our members protect their financial and personal well-being just that little bit more.

Here are some examples of how we help our members.

$2.1k for Dental Expenses

This member required a number of treatments giving them both physical and financial pain. Even with their health fund they were still out of pocket and had been postponing the work. We were able to assess the claim and help with a $2,100 payment so they wouldn't fall behind on other financial responsibilities by putting their health first.

$1.2k - Assitance paying for a sleep apnea machine

This member made a claim due to needing a sleep apnea machine to help with their treatment. They also incurred a loss of income due to having reduced hours due to the condition.

$1.9k for loss of income due to partners surgery

This member's partner had an accident that led to an injury needing surgery. They incured out of pocket medical costs, like the surgeon and anaesthetist fees, also the medication after the surgery. This claim also had loss of income due to the partner taking time off from work after starting in a new role with minimal sick leave entitlements.

$2.5k - Contributions to Family Funeral

Unfortunately, this member had an unexpected death in the family and needed to contribute to the funeral expenses. With the member's sick and accident family cover, we were able to assist him through the difficult period. The member was also able to lean on our counseling service for support emotionally

Mortgage health check

With the recent interest rate rises, this member's fixed rate had expired they felt stuck with their current lender on a higher variable rate. They had been told their borrowing capacity had reduced since they had the loan last time and couldn't switch. By restructuring their loan with another lender, their new repayment was $410 a month lower and allowed $10,000 cash out to give them a buffer for future increases or emergencies.

$15k Personal loan - Obtained finance for a member with a 390 credit score

This member needed a personal loan for $15,000 for a second hand car after an accident with their current car. They had applied with a few different lenders resulting in their credit score being impacted negatively. We were able to find a lender that would approve them the loan after being declined from the others.

$750 - No power over the weekend

This member’s electricity in the unit went out over the weekend. The food in the fridge was spoilt and an electrician was needed to fix the fridge. In the meantime, the member needed to order food for a few days as nothing could be stored. The call out for the electrician over the weekend was also a lot more expensive than anticipated.

$2k for loss of income due to surgery for cancer

This member has been off work due recently. They have been off work for 2 weeks and will continue on base pay for a period of time exhausting their sick leave and annual leave. Their medical bills we're taken care of however they could clearly show a loss of income with their reduced payslips and were struggling to keep up. They put in a claim to help them get by.

$1.9k for eye surgery out-of-pocket medical expenses

This member required a costly eye surgery that is not covered by their health care. Due to having the eye operation they incurred out-of-pocket medical expenses and also had a small loss of income while they were recovering for the week.

Help for you or your family

These are just a few of the members we were able to help and have many similar scenarios. A small price in membership can often mean the help you need to get you out of tough times you were not expecting.

We hope you are never in a situation where you need to claim, but know that if you’re not claiming you’re helping many others each and every month. If you know someone who may need help, get them to reach out or they can read more here. We are a referral-based organisation that can grow its services when we help more members.

Contact us and we’ll help you protect you and your family’s financial and personal wellbeing.

Please reach out if we can help you or a friend or family member.


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