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Car Loans

We're here to help you get the right finance to buy your next car. 

As a Fair Wealth Australia member, your dream car or that next business vehicle could be closer than you think.

We help our members, and their friends and family, step into the driver's seat of their next car with a loan designed to match their income and personal circumstances - so it's all quick and easy, with no stress to get the low-cost, perfect loan from the start.
Front of Car

We'll get the right loan for you. ​

Buying a car is an exciting adventure. Whether you're buying your first car, your next car, a second car, an upsizer, or a downsizer, it doesn't matter, it's always an exciting time. And we're here to help you as a member, or one of your family or friends, to get a loan for your next car without stress or time-consuming hassles.


  • You can apply online or in person  

  • We are a not-for-profit and reflect that in our price best we can

  • No automatic declines. Our team reviews every application

  • All credit scores considered 

  • Australian located business so you’ll always speak to a local team member. 

Talk to a lending specialist.​

Book a time that suits you to chat to one of our lending specialists so we can answer your questions and understand exactly what you need. 

Why members (and their friends and family) get their car loan from Fair Wealth Australia. 

Great Interest Rates
We negotiate on your behalf with all our lenders to source a competitive interest rate for you. We are also a not-for-profit organisaton, and as such do not seek to make the profits of a standard lender. 

Australian Based Team
We have an experienced, Australian based team. At every step of the way, you’ll talk to a real person from as one of our lending specialists who are here to help you or your family member or associate as they seek out a great loan.

Flexible Options
No matter what vehicle you’re looking at, it’s likely we can help you. We can assist with anything from brand new cars, utes or trucks to vehicles up to 5 years old. Plus, you can choose either a low rate variable or fixed loan, and a balloon payment may be a better option.

Get fast answers
For both our home and car loans, you can find out if you pre-qualify in just minutes. The application process is simple, online, plus we’re here to help at each step of the way.

Support the membership

Any commission we receive from lenders for finding you a personal loan, car loan or home loan is invested back into running our non-profit to help grow our membership offering.

We do the work for you
As your broker we shop your future loan around among all the large banks and other source of funds to find the best deal that suits your specific requirements.  

Our process is simple for members, and their friends and famly. 

Step 1 - Apply Online
Simply fill out your application online by entering some of your details, or chat to one of our friendly lending specialists over the phone and they can complete your application for you.


Step 2 - Speak to a Specialist
Speak to a specialist to get preliminary approval

You will then have an appointment with one of our lending specialists to organise the preliminary approval of your loan, and help you progress through the approval process as quickly as possible.


Step 3 - Signing the documents
Signing purchase document & loan document
We will send you the final documents to sign including the loan agreement. This will confirm the amount of money you have to spend and can give you confidence to negotiate a deal on your new vehicle.

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