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Protect yourself today with Fair Wealth Australia

Call our friendly team to discuss your needs today. We're here to help working Australians in those times when you can fall between the cracks of the insurance companies and banks. Something happens - and they're slow to respond, approve, and act - meanwhile you need money now to keep paying the rent, put food on the table, send the kids to school and more.


So, you can become a member for $11 per week to get access to everything including our grants should you ever need financial assistance due to lost income or to take advantage of an opportunity such as new education, funeral insurance cover, a full 5% rate on a funeral saving account, access to great loans for house, car, or personal items, access to fast small loans up to $3,000 for emergency situations, plus subsidised services such life coaching and mental health sessions.


Or, you can simply get a quote for one of our specific products such as Funeral Cover or Journey Cover.

For More Information call 02 9633 1670

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