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An experienced Board focused on our mission 

Meet the board members taking Fair Wealth Australia into the future.

The Fair Wealth Australia Board of Directors consists of five independent non-executive directors and two executive directors bringing a wide range of business, not-for-profit and commercial skills to Fair Wealth Australia. The key role of the Board is to provide governance and ensure Fair Wealth Australia remains true to its mission of ‘supporting working members in times of financial and emotional need.

In doing so, the Board oversees the strategic direction of the organisation with a focus on all governance issues and associated business functions (regulatory, financial, legal, audit and risk). 


Our Board ensures that our programs are delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible and that Fair Wealth Australia remains a responsible investor of all donated funds and membership fees.

Meet our Current Board

Frank Fontana


As a CEO who had started in the area of psychotherapy and counselling , helping others continues to be at the core of what we do, help our members when they need it most and that now extends to both their financial and mental well-being.

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Jason Whyte


Jason is the current Chairman and has been involved with Fair Wealth Australia for over 30 years. A former employee of State Rail for over 33 years, with a history of working with charities such as St John’s Ambulance, the Railway Institute band and the salaried officer’s picnic, Jason in his many roles on the Board has insured the longevity and innovation of the fund.

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Bill Pantelakos


Bill is currently a driver with Transport NSW. He was the inspiration for setting up the Helper Mate program and his enthusiasm and willingness to spread the word of the work that Fair Wealth Australia and the fund does is evident in his abundant voluntary work.

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Peter Nicholson


Peter is employed with Sydney Trains and he is an experienced director and golf enthusiast. He currently acts as the Finance Director with Fair Wealth Australia to ensure accountability and transparency.

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Barry Barnett


Barry served for many years as a Train Driver. He currently drives a bus for a community service. Barry has previously served on the board and brings experience as a community and industrial advocate.

Michael Bold_edited.jpg

Michael Bold


Michael, or Mick as he is known, was previously a respected Trainer Guard before retiring and serving on the board of the M Mortality Fund Pty Ltd board for 20 years. He brings stability to the board and was instrumental in negotiating a service agreement with Rail entities when the Fund became independent.

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