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Helper Mate

We're here to help Australians when they need it most. 

Fair Wealth Australia set up the Helper Mate Program initiative as a peer to peer community program that aims to provide assistance for front line employees who may experience family breakdown, relationship issues, addictions, trauma, financial hardship, disability, death of a family member, domestic or intimate partner violence, shift-work related issues, job insecurity, unstable housing or other  mental health issues. 

Call us on (02) 9633 1670 should you need assistance now, or click the enquiry button and complete the form. 

We help our mates by showing them a way forward.

The Helper Mate program provides experienced presenters to hold awareness training sessions for groups up to 30 people within organisations across a range of industries. 


The content helps people identify others in their workplace or personal lives who may be in distress or experiencing hardship or other difficulties in their life, and gives them strategies to help appropriately. It could save a life.

Participants take away the basic tools to encourage others to feel comfortable in seeking help in addressing difficulties or challenges as early as possible. Thus, Helper Mate is a key way in which our organisation, and our members, are helping society at large.

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