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Charitable Heart Program

Fair Wealth Australia contributes to the success of other charity organisations.

Doing good for others is an important part of life in Fair Wealth Australia. That's why we help other Australian charities who are doing good things for our society by donating a small component of every membership fee.

Small contributions that add up to make a big impact. 

​Fair Wealth Australia has donated to charities for over 70 years with a focus on welfare organisations such as:


  • St Vincent De Paul

  • The Salvation Army

  • Children’s Medical Research institute

  • Cancer Council

  • Microsearch Foundation

  • Make a Wish and

  • The Sydney University Medical Foundation.

  • The Children’s Hospital at Randwick and Westmead.


We also provide help to international aid agencies such as World Vision and other social leadership organisations.

It all happens under our Fair Wealth Australia Charitable Heart Program 

The Fair Wealth Australia Charitable Heart Program began as an industry-based charity after World War II. Donations were collected from employees and pooled together. Our contributions through The Welfare Fund Trust Fund are tax deductible and Fair Wealth Australia Members can nominate any amount and their preferred charity.

Charity Donations 2022

Fair Wealth Australia has donated to the following charities

Cancer Council.png
Childrens Medical Research Institute.jpg
Father Bob Maguire Foundation.png
The Benevolent Society.png
The Infants Home_edited.jpg
St Vincent De Paul.jpeg
The Smith Family.png
TrackSAFE Foundation.jpg
World Vision_edited.jpg

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