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Sports Injury

Sickness & Accident

Get up to $10,000 should you fall ill or have an accident.

Fair Wealth Australia members can access grants to assist in covering lost income due to sickness or accident. When things get tough, they can turn to us. 

As a Fair Wealth Australia member, you can access a medical grant to be paid should you suffer an illness or have a workplace accident to cover your out-of-pocket medical expenses or lost income. It's an almost immediate safety net against any delays or non-payment from institutions such as an insurance company or your employer.

Leg Injury

Help when injury or illness costs you money or lost income.​


What happens if you get sick or have an accident and can't work? Your income may be reduced or delayed, while the bills just keep coming. 

You may have exhausted your sick leave or not been able to work the normal overtime hours you usually would. This can cause a serious financial burden and a lot of stress through no fault of your own.


For just $11 per week including GST, our members get access to a grant program where they can receive up to $5,000 ($10,000 with upgrade option) quickly to cover the bills and stay afloat while they wait for any potential insurance or workplace based payment - if that exists. It's just another way we help our members should they find themselves in trouble and needing help. 


  • Apply online or in office 

  • Case by case basis and no illness is excluded

  • Our team reviews every application

  • Australian located business so you’ll always speak to a local team member

Things you should know

  • Your total cover amount does not guarantee you receive the full payment when an application is submitted

  • Each case is considered on its merits 


Marie was a single mother who needed thousands of dollars of work done to her teeth.

She turned to Fair Wealth Australia  for a medical grant and small loan so she could keep moving forward and get the work done. 

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