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Financial Grants

Financial assistance  when life, work or family events can start to feel overwhelming. 

Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball such as the death of a relative, natural disaster, loss of income due to sickness or an accident, or an escalation in the cost of living. Or we might want to try and get ahead with further education or some life coaching or counselling services. That’s where Fair Wealth Australia helps its members most. 

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Financial grants when members need it most.​


It provides discretionary grants to assist members when they need it most, or when they're looking to create a healthier approach to mind and money, for either themselves, or in some circumstances, their family or friends.

For example, we’ve been able to help members affected by the recent floods, loss of income due to Covid-19, and people struggling to pay their rent due to the recent increase in the cost of living.

Problems can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time. Money troubles can create mindful troubles as people start to feel lonely, embarrassed or isolated. That's where Fair Wealth Australia lends a hand with a range of insurance cover, loans, and grants to help our members get back on their feet and feel strong again.


  • Apply online or in office 

  • Our team reviews every application

  • Australian located business so you’ll always speak to a local team member

  • Grants available for education, natural disaster, accommodation and family funeral

  • Support within 72 hours 

Things you should know

  • Successful applications are on a case by case basis 

  • Cannot claim multiple times for the same incident

Richard had a well-paying job. However, his finances were drawn upon to pay for the ongoing medication and medical attention required for his wife’s diabetes. In a sad turn of events, he lost his beloved pet and mother-in-law within days of each other.

He turned to Fair Wealth Australia to draw on the fund to help cover costs in the short-term while he got back on his feet.

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