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Flood in settlements

Natural Disasters

Get up to $1,000 immediately should natural disaster strike.

Fair Wealth Australia members can access grants to assist should a natural disaster destroy small appliances required to keep going. When things get tough, they can turn to us. 

What do you do should a natural disaster strike and you're waiting for an insurance company to finally take action? Or worse, you're not insured? We're here to help you when you need it - no delays - no waiting. 

Wild Fire

Get financial help when natural disaster impacts your ability to earn.

Fair Wealth Australia members can access an instant $1,000 grant to help with any immediate expenses at least. We can also provide counselling services whether you are hit by fire, floods, hail, storms, earthquakes or more - to help you get back on your feet.


Each and every Fair Wealth Australia member is covered for a Natural Disaster grant upon joining. No waiting period. This ensures we can be here to help should mother nature take a turn and inflict damage on you or your property and you need help.


You can get appliances repaired, pay rent, get moving services - whatever you need to take action and start moving forward from day one. 

So if you're a member of Fair Wealth Australia, and you've suffered some loss from a natural disaster, talk to us or complete a Grant Application Form. Because when things get tough, you can turn to us.

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