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Helping members for over 75 years

We've been helping members when things get tough for 75+ years. 

Fair Wealth Australia, once known as The NSW Railway Employee's Welfare Fund, has been helping members with financial and emotional support for over 75 years. These days, membership is open to all working Australians from any sector of work or life. 

The NSW Railway Employees Patriotic and Welfare Fund was housed in The Railway Institute Building in Chalmers St Surry Hills from 1945 until 1997 when the building was sold. The fund worked in conjunction with the Railway Institute which was responsible for the education, training and sporting and recreational activities of rail employees.

The Patriotic side of the fund looked after the needs of ex-service people and worked with charities like Legacy to look after their families as well.


In 1986 when the Fund registered as a charity, the patriotic

Members of the board left $30,000 in a bank account for the fund to care for returned service people when necessary as the number of World War II veterans diminished.


Col Morrow medically retired in 1989. He had served in the Welfare Fund for 30 years and ended his career as the Chief Welfare Officer.


He interviewed a young Frank Fontana who would serve the fund for a further 33 years and is the current CEO.

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The NSW Railway Employees Patriotic and Welfare Fund was set up by the Commissioner for Railways in June 1945. It followed the success of the Comfort Fund during World War II which sent packages to servicemen and women overseas.

In 1986, the Fund registered as a charity and obtained a fundraising authority so we could further advance the way we contributed to the community as a member-based organisation.

In 1999, the Fund becomes independent of NSW State Rail to begin supporting workers both waged and salaried across all types of industries.

In 2015. we launched The Salaried and Wages Picnic where thousands of members and their families enjoy a wonderful day out with peers and friends.

At the time of the Granville train disaster in 1977,  the welfare Officers not only supported the families of the injured, they attended the funeral of every tragic victim.

The Fund collects for many charities and becomes a life member of the Benevolent Society and The Royal institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

In 2012 the Welfare Fund Limited becomes a Mutual entity and obtains a credit licence and Australian Financial Services Licence.

In 2020, the organisation responded to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic by changing the way it works remotely to continue to support members in tough times. 

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Get in touch

Call us on 02 9633 1670 to speak to a membership manager who can answer your questions on the phone, or complete the enquiry form and we'll get back to you via email or text (whatever you prefer). 

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