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We're a safety net to help members in matters both mind and money.

We've been described as a 'big brother or sister' - someone to turn to in times of need - able to provide help in the form of financial assistance, counselling, life coaching, and a lot more. It's all about helping people protect themselves and their family - as well as build healthy habits into the future for both mind and money. Because we know this can lead to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

We tailor solutions for our individual members, providing them with the assistance and cover necessary for their distinct circumstances. Ultimately, members benefit from:

  • Belonging to a wider community

  • A safety net of support when you need assistance financially in times of need by providing assistance through various grants or loans.

  • Provide emotional support through counselling, life coaching, ongoing support and networks.

  • Access to finance specialists to help you obtain finance for homes and cars when you got a ‘no’ from a bank.

  • Access to membership events and fundraising events

  • Regular updates and support from a team that has been helping Australians for over 75 years

  • Tips and tricks we’ve learnt over the years to help Aussies get out of hard situations.

  • To give back to local communities and industries that help make a big impact Australia wide.

  • We aim is to keep members free from mental stress and  financial hardship to keep people happy and families together.

Call us on (02) 9633 1670 should you need assistance now, or click the enquiry button and complete the form. 

We provide services across three critical areas.

Over many years the family of a child on the spectrum was able to get the funds through the education subsidies to receive extra support such as therapy and tutoring, which enabled him to remain in a regular school

Healthy Mind

As a membership group, we promote a healthy mind, through various services, education, support, content, and monitoring techniques.


Healthy Money

We provide our members with the sort of financial tips and strategies that many would have never received, to help them manage their money, along with access to experts who can help them get access to loans, online tools to manage their household budgets, services to improve their credit situation, and coaching around the establishment of financial goals and the strategies to achieve them.

Ongoing Support

As a non-profit organisation, our services and support for members doesn't stop once some sort of event is over. We continually help members in good times too, to help them find the balance between both a healthy mind and money position so their overall wellbeing is improved over time. 

We do this by listening to what a member needs right now and then helping them using any one or more of the services we provide at any time. 

Rodney sustained a major back injury at work. The compensation stopped and started over the period of a couple of years the welfare fund was there to ensure that rental payments were made and groceries were done as well as the school for  the kids was taken care of. Eventually the compensation paid out a lump sum and he was able to medically retire.

Many have used our small loans for medical reasons. Georgia needed urgent dental work which ran into the thousands and with the help of a grant and an additional small loan she was able to get the root canal and crowns she needed

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