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Financial Distress

Fast cash at no interest when you need to pay some bills. 

Fair Wealth Australia members can access a grant for quick money to help pay the bills, the rent, or even buy groceries. When things get tough, they can turn to us. 


We know that sometimes the bills can get away from you and life feels a bit tough. That's OK. That's when our members turn to us to help them get through a tricky period with with a emergency Financial Distress Grant.

Man Shopping for Groceries

Help  sleep better by turning to us when they need fast cash to pay a bill.


If you're struggling to pay your bills, don't get a payday loan. Fair Wealth Australia members can access a Financial Distress Grant to pay for any surprise or outstanding bills such as fines, groceries, rent and more.


You can also talk to one of our liaison officers who can help you plan your way through this temporary tight spot - and out the other end to where the bills are not distressing you and ruining your life. Note that we can also arrange a Small Loan up to $3,000 when the banks don't want to know you - to help you get out of trouble and on top of things.


So if you're a member of Fair Wealth Australia, and you're losing sleep struggling to pay your bills,  talk to us or complete a Grant Application Form . Because when things get tough, you can turn to us.

Junior was renting and there was a fire at his house he lost all his possessions and his dog died in the fire. The fund was able to get him some money for clothes and accommodation until he was able to get his accommodation back.

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