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Counselling for Men Dealing with Change

  • Affordable at just $11 per week

  • Innovative Way to Access Counselling Services

  • Medicare rebates

  • No lock-in contracts

  • Male-focused services

  • Accessible in-person or online

  • Highly experienced counsellors

Are you feeling overwhelmed by recent changes in your life? 

Men commonly go through various changes in their lives, such as relationship breakdowns, job redundancies, new job starts, heavy workloads, mortgage stress, family issues, and more. These changes can trigger anxiety and feelings of isolation, leaving men feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future. Although society may portray men as having to "tough it out," the reality is that these changes can be emotionally challenging, and seeking support is not a sign of weakness.

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You don't have to navigate life's changes alone.

In partnership with Ignite Counselling and Psychotherapy, Fair Wealth Australia offers a safe and supportive environment for men of all ages to explore and express their emotions, thoughts, and concerns regarding the challenging changes in life.

Our experienced counselors are equipped with proven therapeutic techniques to guide men of all ages and cultural backgrounds through these transitions, build resilience, and develop practical strategies to manage the stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues that can arise during these changing times.

Here's a new way to access professional counselling services for men at just $11 per week.

As a not-for-profit community organisation for over 75 years, we made it our mission to make mental health care service more accessible and affordable to more people when we read in the 2020 Australian Psychological Society report that one in three Australians considering mental health care do not receive it due to cost issues.

The best way for us to do that was to make partner with Ignite and deliver their experienced 10x annual Medicare-accredited counselling sessions as part of our standard annual membership that costs just $11 per week.  Now most men across Australia can have access to the counselling they may need - and that previously was unavailable to them from private profit-driven private practice.

Feel free to reach out to us at 1300 216 215 to engage in a confidential discussion regarding your requirements and where we can address any questions you might have as well.

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In-person in Sydney or via Zoom from anywhere.

Now we've made our counseling services financially accessible, we've also made them physically accessible by providing the option of in-person counselling should you be in Sydney, and virtual counseling sessions via Zoom no matter where you are located in across Australia (including Sydney). 

Access the free 10x annual counselling sessions by joining Fair Wealth Australia for just $11 per week. It's brilliant and helps people across Australia.


Join Fair Wealth Australia Membership for just $11.00 per week.


Attend the sessions in-person in Sydney or via zoom sessions - whatever suits you best.

Gives you access to 10x annual sessions normally costing a lot more if obtained from private practice.


There are further discounts should you want to access more than 10x annual counselling sessions.

Our counselling and life coaching services are provided by qualified professionals with 30+ years experience.


Incidentally, membership also gives you access to grants, insurance coverage, and credit broker for improved financial health too. 

How can we afford to do this?

We can afford to provide 10x free counselling services per annum to you when you join Fair Wealth Australia for just $11 per week because we're a renowned not-for-profit with over 75 years experience serving the Australian community to help improve financial and mental well-being.

We do not have to deliver a profit as does a standard private practice - and so you and the Australian community seeking mental health services are the winner.

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I walked into your office. Broken. Shattered, and with no will to continue living. You opened your arms, welcomed me with all of my baggage, and listened to my story without judgement.

Every week we meet, I leave your office renewed, refreshed and challenged all at the same time.

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What do I do next?

Call us on 1300 216 215 for a safe and confidential discussion regarding where you might be at and how we can help, or click the button below to book an online 15-minute zoom call to chat at another time that suits you best. 

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