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Family Funerals

Add Family Funeral Cover to membership for just $2.50 per week.

Fair Wealth Australia members can add an option to their standard membership to help cover the costs of a funeral for a family member. Because when things get tough, they can turn to us.  

​This cover provides a lump-sum payment to help pay for the funeral costs and settle any other outstanding expenses, bills, and accounts should one of your siblings, spouse or parents pass on. You can choose to receive anything from $5,000 up to $15,000 (see below).

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Funerals are a large expense landing at a terrible time.​


A very basic funeral costs at least $5,000. Depending on the farewell you wish to provide for your family, we can arrange to cover you from $2,500 to $15,000 (see below).

Now, your standard Fair Wealth Australia membership covers you for your funeral up to $5,000. however, it does not cover the funeral costs for family members.


That's what this option is all about. This component is Family Funeral Cover and it is an optional add-on to your standard membership.

It covers you to contribute to the cost of a funeral for your immediate family (siblings, spouse and parents). You simply add it on to your membership as per the following options:


  • Additional $2.50 pw (for up to $5,000 cover)

  • Additional $5.00 pw (for up to $10,000 cover)

  • Additional $7.50 pw (for up to $12,500 cover)

  • Additional $10.00 pw (for up to $15,00 cover)

So if you're a member of Fair Wealth Australia and want to add this cover, or a non-member who simply wants to buy this cover on its own, then talk to us on (02) 9633 1670 talk, or complete an Enquiry Contact Form. Because should trouble strike, you can turn to us.


Theodore finally took his retirement and went back to his native country where tragically both him and his wife were killed in a car accident and the family returned their parents to Australia and buried their parents next to each other with the help of the fund.

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Get in touch

Call us on 02 9633 1670 to speak to a membership manager who can answer your questions on the phone, or complete the enquiry form and we'll get back to you via email or text (whatever you prefer). 

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