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Funding Education

Every member and their children have the right to improved education. 

Fair Wealth Australia has a long history of supporting working Australians in education - and their families. We feel it’s important to support our members, to pursue both their own education goals while supporting the next generation as well. 

Student Raising Hand

We especially enjoy supporting child education. 

We believe that all children should be given the chance to learn and grow in the right environment. That's why every year Fair Wealth Australia provides a number of grants to families to help them with access to better technology as well as other teaching and education services.


It helps them help their children to grow without any financial strain holding them back. Our gift to the younger community is the gift of education - and that can live on forever. 

Over many years the family of a child on the spectrum was able to get the funds through the education subsidies to be able to get the extra support that he needed to keep in a regular school such as therapy and tutoring.

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