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Life Coaching & Counselling

Help when life, work or family events can start to feel overwhelming. 

Fair Wealth Australia members have access to grants for Counselling and Life Coaching when things can feel a little overwhelming. These sessions help our members to share their thoughts and feelings about family or relationships.

Call us on (02) 9633 1670 should you need assistance now, or click the enquiry button and complete the form. 


Fair Wealth Australia members get access to counselling sessions when they need it most.

Counselling services are often called the talking cure. Research indicates that talking can reduce the level of symptoms like anxiety in clients. Fair Wealth Australia Counselling offers services that include family, relationship and depression counselling.


If you accept that much of your anxiety comes from our beliefs, then understanding what needs to change can often relieve the stress. For example, someone with a fear of spiders will behave differently to someone who isn’t. If a client can be desensitised to the spider they will then have time to choose their reaction if any to their next encounter.

Though we may not be aware, many times we are responding emotionally to a situation and counselling can help us see this and make new choices in response. These services are very important for understanding how we feel and vital to having a healthy mind. We can help you too. 


  • Qualified and Experienced 

  • Flexible schedules 

  • 10 to 20 sessions included in membership dependent on membership options (Standard includes 10)

  • Discounted sessions for members who do not have any included sessions left

  • In person or zoom sessions available

Our counselling and life coaching services are provided by ignite.

Therapy Session

Dina nursed her mother through her terminal cancer and was exhausted after her death. She came in and sought counselling and attended regularly over a period of a year. She managed her grief and eventually started a family of her own.

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