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How will the extra funds help you?

01 - Reduce Financial Stress

Extra funds can ease the strain on your budget, giving you more financial flexibility and peace of mind.

03 - Improve what means more to you

Spend on activities or items that contribute to your happiness, holidays, your family, or hobbies.

02 - Invest in Health

Allocate savings towards health-related expenses such as gym memberships, wellness programs, or medical bills.

04 Build your Emergency Fund

Build or bolster an emergency fund to provide a safety net for unexpected expenses.

Why Compare?

  • Rising expenses make budgeting harder than ever.

  • We offer cashback on a variety of insurance premiums through our partnerships.

  • Regularly reviewing life, income protection, home and contents, and car insurance can reveal potential savings.

  • A simple comparison can potentially reduce your current premiums.

  • Enjoy an additional 5-10% cashback on top of your savings.*

  • Use your savings and cashback to invest in your health, wealth, and happiness.

  • Fill out the form to start saving today!

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*The 5-10% cashback offer is based upon the first year's annual premium and applies upon successful verification of a new insurance product policy when introduced by our insurance broker partnership Angelic Insurance.  Angelic Insurance is an authorised representative of Oracle Group (Australia) Pty Ltd, AFSL 363610 for providing general insurance products.

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