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Why is “Welfare” a dirty word?

I’m going to be quite radical here and say that the market does not cater for everyone. There are many examples on how the market doesn’t discriminate and recently more than ever.

An example is Artists.

During the Covid period artists were not able to work in their chosen profession as events were cancelled and they weren’t able to work in casual positions as these weren’t available because as venues were closed. Where were they to turn for the financial assistance that they needed?

So, the thinking has been over the last 30 years that the time people spend not producing a product or a service is not valuable. Further to this these people were seen as a drag on the economy.

I am not making a political statement it is simply my experience that I have to face people in circumstances where they may not be able to afford accommodation, utilities and food let alone education, medical costs and emotional support they need.

I am advocating that an economy needs to factor in people‘s downtime for whatever reason. Our physiology has not changed in thousands of years so we still require rest and sleep. I would even argue that we should factor in career changes as well as sick leave and family leave.

I know the economic rationalists will say who will pay for this and the answer is not everybody needs help all the time. So, if everyone puts a little away and creates a fund which can be drawn when can be drawn on when times are hard. We would find that the money was available instead of having to crank up new funds.

You don’t even have to call it “Welfare” or think of it as a hand out, just call it contingency.

At Fair Wealth Australia, our foundation was built upon helping every type of person when they are in their down period of life. Doctors, lawyers, artists, café owners, construction workers, employees in the transport industry, business owners and more.

They all have something in common. We are human and life has its unpredictable periods that catch you off guard. Sometimes a little bit of compassion and “Welfare” helps you get out of the hardest moments of your life.

No matter your stage of life, even If you feel you do not need our help now, your generosity makes a difference for people today and tomorrow with whatever challenges lie ahead. Speak to us about membership to join our strong community that helps others in times of need.


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