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From social events like BBQs and picnics to seminars and networking communities

Helping work mates and funding childrens education

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Belong and Prosper

75 years experience helping Australian Workers and Families

Fair Wealth has a long history of supporting its individual members and business customers from the first day on the job through to retirement and beyond. By empowering individuals and helping our customers in a tailored approach we provide services to members through emotional and financial hardship. We’ve been helping Australians for over 70 years.

Providing pathways to financial independence through:

  • Comprehensive member programs

  • Health, wellness & support products

  • Education grants

  • Counselling & sickness assistance packages

  • Member priced financial solutions

Community Programs

We have a number of different programs and benefits we offer to the local and wider community to Australian families to help socially, emotionally and financially.


We offer a free financial health check and have a vast ray of options for the community to assist with finding a loan product.


Ensuring you always have a back up plan and a safety net to fall back on is so important. We have solutions to cover small and large incidents so that you always have a Plan B