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Helping Essential Workers, with Financial and Mental Support.

Welcome to Fair Wealth Australia

We provide essential workers in Australian of all ages and backgrounds with the resources they need to rebalance their life financially or mentally

For just $11 per week, the cost of 2 coffees, you can become a member and access valuable resources such as free counselling and life coaching to the value of $1,650, free basic insurances worth more than the membership fee alone, and free financial health checks to save you interest on loans over time.

You'll also have access to emergency financial grants to avoid the costs of expensive payday lenders should you need assistance fast, low-doc loans to obtain funds when you want to move forward in life, and access to various member events, tips, and online tools.


So, if you're interested in protecting your financial and personal well-being just that little bit more, talk to our team on 1300 216 215 or start a live chat now. Or, simply complete the membership form, and we'll get you started so you can access the wide range of benefits now.

Best regards,

Frank Fontana CEO

A subscription typically SAVES you money, plus a whole lot more.


Subscribe to Fair Wealth Australia for just $11.00 per week (or $500 pa).


Access low-cost mortgages and excellent longer-term personal loans negotiated on your behalf.


Receive 10x counselling and/or life coaching sessions during the year worth $1,650 alone.  

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Receive a range of insurance cover including accident, sickness and funeral cover for starters.


Get access to excellent financial grants to help avoid expensive pay-day lenders.


Plus a whole lot more including Mortgage Reviews, telephone support, and more.

Providing Working Australians with all types of help in tough times 

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Fair Wealth Australia originated as The NSW Railway Employee's Welfare Fund more than 79 years ago. Now, our mission is to assist essential workers by providing help when needed most with financial and mental support that challenge even the most prepared person.


Feel free to contact us and have a confidential conversation with one of our team members to learn how membership can safeguard you, especially during these challenging economic times.

Here's just 3 ways
Fair Wealth Australia helps our members 

Membership includes many benefits (see plans here) including counselling and life coaching sessions, insurances, and access to fast money when you need it most.

Counselling & LIfe Coaching

Get 10x Counselling & Life Coaching sessions worth $1,650 when you join Fair Wealth Australia for just $11 per week.

Insurance Cover

Protect your finances with thousands of dollars coverage across Sick, Accident and Funeral Insurance cover.

 Discretionary Grants

Get access to fast cash in the form of financial grants for when life throws a curve ball and you need money fast.

How We Work

As a non-profit organisation, we pool our income from subscription fees and other services income, to then distribute to members who need it most - right when they need it. It's the power of the the group to look after the individual. 

Invest in your well-being for just $11.00 per week. 

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Call 1300 216 215 now, and we can have a confidential conversation with you to discuss how we can help. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the impact of any health-related issues in your life? 

In partnership with Ignite Counselling and Psychotherapy, Fair Wealth Australia offers a safe and supportive environment for men of all ages to explore and express their emotions, thoughts, and concerns regarding any health-related issues they may be facing in life.

Our experienced counselors are equipped with proven therapeutic techniques to guide men of all ages and cultural backgrounds through these challenges in life, build resilience, and develop practical strategies to manage the stress, anxiety, and even financial threats that can arise during these times.

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