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Donate to help us give the gift of security that so many Australian's can take for granted. 

Use the form below to make a donation that will help us help Australian working families doing it tough and finding it hard to get any form of financial protection should they get sick, have an accident or incur a natural disaster just for starters.


Your donation is tax deductible and goes directly towards helping Australian families in the event something goes wrong at no fault of their own. 

Fair Wealth Australian members can complete the form to apply for a grant to cover expenses and lost working hours due to workplace injury or illness.


Remember we provide a grant to assist whether it's you or a direct family member who is impacted. 

We're here to help. Simply click the button to the right to go to the page with the Grant Application Form, complete and submit.

A representative from Fair Wealth Australia will then contact you to verify the information, and get things rolling as soon as possible. 

Stay informed with our articles.

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