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Access to Loans

We help our members get access to the right loans for their unique circumstances. 

Access to money when you need it is important. It allows you to move forward, improve yourself, cover bills, and more.
That's why membership to Fair Wealth Australia enables you to access a wide range of loans that may otherwise be difficult or challenging to secure directly with the banks and other common lenders directly. Because when our members need help in getting a loan, they can turn to us. 
Russian Rouble

Help yourself and your fellow members.​


​Our team can help you as a member secure a loan for all types of reasons. You know that it's easier for you and goes towards helping other members too. Afterall, why give the big banks your business, when you can give your Fair Wealth Australia organisation the business - knowing we put any revenue from it to good work in the form of financial grants or subsidized services. 

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