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Refer a Friend to Fair Wealth Australia and Help Them Invest in Their Wellbeing!

Refer a Friend to Fair Wealth Australia
and Help Them Invest in Their Wellbeing!

At Fair Wealth Australia, we believe that investing in your wellbeing is just as important as investing in your financial future. That's why we offer a range of services to help our members achieve both. With our referral program, you can help your friends and family invest in their wellbeing too!

Here are some of the benefits of our referral program:

  • For every successful referral, you'll receive a $100 reward that you can spend on whatever you like!

  • Your friend will receive expert guidance to help them invest in their wellbeing, including access to insurance and grants if things get tough.

  • We also offer free counselling sessions and workshops for mental health, so your friend can get the support they need to thrive.

  • The process is easy and straightforward. Simply refer a friend, and if they become a member and stay for 90 days, you'll get your reward.

  • There's no limit to how many people you can refer, so the earning potential is unlimited.

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Tom, Western Australia

"I referred my best friend to Fair Wealth Australia and it was the best decision I ever made. Not only did I receive a $100 reward, but my friend now has access to insurance and grants if things get tough, as well as free counselling sessions and mental health workshops. It's a win-win for everyone!"

Nisha, Queensland

"I'm so grateful to my work collegue for referring me to Fair Wealth Australia. I love having the peace of mind and ability to invest in my wellbeing. I feel more secure and confident about myself and future. I'm glad they suggested I join."

Aniya, New South Wales

"I've been a member for years. Some years you need help more than others and investing in your own peace of mind for the tougher times, knowing someone is there for you when you need it is why I was so happy to join"

Referring a friend to Fair Wealth Australia is easy! Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for our referral program below.

  2. Share your unique referral link with your friends and family.

  3. When your friend signs up for a membership with Fair Wealth Australia, a team member will reach out to them.

  4. Once your friend's membership is confirmed, you'll receive $100 to spend on whatever you like!

  5. if you refer 5 or more friends who become members, you'll also receive a bonus reward!

Ready to start investing in your friends and family's wellbeing? Sign up for Fair Wealth Australia's referral program today and start referring your friends! Click the button below to get started

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Refer over 5 friends of family members and the referal bonus is activated. For every member after your 5th referal you'll recieve $150 per new member that signs up. It's easy and we'll keep track for you. Follow the same easy process.

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