Protect whats important.

Sick and Accident Cover

Have you been injured or have an illness that has left you with out of pocket medical expenses? Has this injury or illness put you behind on keeping up to date with your bills? 

Fair Wealth Australia has a sick and accident cover that can help cover the out of pocket medical expenses and loss of income incurred due to injury or illness. You may have exhausted your sick leave or even not been able to work the normal overtime hours you usually do any this can cause a financial burden. 

We have two levels of cover, a $5,000 and $2,500 per annum product. This means you can cover yourself to get you out of trouble in those unforeseen circumstances. We have had thousands of claims over the last 70 years whereby this product can really keep individuals and families on track.  

Sick and Accident Family Cover

Additionally to our Sick and Accident cover for individuals, Fair Wealth Australia have a family product, which allows the member to cover their family if an injury or illness occurs to a family member which has a financial burden on the member. 

Looking after your families health is essential, and we understand that this becomes a priority even in situations where financially it can effect the day to day running of the families expenses. 

Our family product is a $2,500 per annum benefit which can assist with keeping up to date and ensure that some of the financial stress is eliminated so that your families health can not be as heavily impacted by the financial strain. 

We understand every case is different and that's why you can be assured that every claim is assessed on its own merits and has been helping families get out of trouble for over seven decades. Talk to a Fair Wealth Australia support staff today so that you can take the right direction in protecting your families health and financial stability. 

Funeral Cover - Our 3 Products

Economic Cover

Cheap premiums at a flat rate which does not increase with age and covers you until 80 years of age.

$10,000 of cover for only $6 per week

Life time Cover

Our Premium cover that ensures that no matter what age you live until, you will always be covered.

Lock in your rate depending on the age you are when you join.

Savings Account

Get a competitive 5% on your savings towards your Funeral, this works well in a package with Economical cover

Watch your savings grow each year and contribute as little or much as you like.

What is your plan for your funeral? Who is paying for it? How much do you want to spend? These are all important questions that you should consider now. Funeral expenses are costs that must be paid sooner or later. We can assist you in spreading these costs over time so that it lessens the financial burden for your loved ones left behind. Create a personal plan now so that your family and loved ones do not have additional stress during a difficult time. Ensure that you are able to look after your family even after you are no longer with them.


A basic funeral costs around $5,000. Depending on the farewell you wish to provide for your family, we can arrange from $2,500 to $15,000. The amount is up to you to choose. You can tailor a solution that is affordable and suits your needs. 

Journey Cover

Did you know that it is no longer part of workers compensation if you have an accident travelling to and from work? So what happens if you are injured on your way home? What will happen to your largest asset? Your ability to earn an income.

At Fair Wealth Australia, we have you covered, every member who joins is covered for accidents to and from work up to 85% of your wage for up to 104 weeks. At fair Wealth we don't like to see anyone fall behind financially, that's why ensuring all our members are covered to and from work is essential for us and you. 

Best part about it, it only costs 0.50c per week out of your membership. The unpredictability of life can be harsh, so it pays to be prepared. If you already have journey cover through another organisation, you are abe to swap this benefit to something else you just need to notify us when you join. 

Protect whats important and get covered. Belong and prosper. 

Natural Disaster Cover

Fair Wealth Australia members have a unique benefit which can help contribute to issues that occur due to a natural disaster situation. This benefit is for $1,000 per year and can be claimed for damage due to fire, floods, hail, storms and earthquakes.

Each and every Fair Wealth Australia member is covered no matter which package is selected when joining. This just ensures that there is a small helping hand with this grant if mother nature takes it's toll.

This product can help with ensuring that appliances can be repaired or new purchases can be made so that you and your family's goods have some protection. 

Unfortunately larger covers are not available, however this product is in place to ensure the smaller goods in households can be replaced without a heavy financial burden being evident. 

Income Protection

Life Insurance

Protecting your income is the first step in developing a plan for your wealth.  At the very least you need to look at the minimum you would need to endure a loss of income due to injury or illness.


Further assessment into your requirement may reveal that provisions need to be made to cover your family should you suffer a trauma or total and permanent disability.

At the very least, you need to look at the minimum you would need to endure a loss of income due to injury or illness. Whether you have commenced paying a mortgage or want to consider ensuring the financial stability of your family, it is reassuring that you can cover your life with life insurance. 

At Fair Wealth Australia, we can help you compare and find income protection and life insurance that suits your needs and wants. Talk to us today even if you aren't a member to see how we can structure and guide you into protecting and planning for the future.