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Journey Cover

Protect against costs of an accident incurred going to or from work. 

Did you know that it's no longer part of workers' compensation if you have an accident traveling to and from work? So what happens if you're injured on your way home? What will happen to your largest asset? Your ability to earn an income? Fair Wealth Australia helps by providing cover for injury going to or from work that results in loss of income. It's all part of the membership.
Stacks of Coins

Up to 85% of your wages on a maximum of $1,200 per week for 104 weeks.

Every member who joins Fair Wealth Australia is covered for accidents to and from work up to 85% of your wage or up to 104 weeks worth of income. We don't like to see anyone fall behind financially, that's why ensuring all our members are covered to and from work is essential for us and you. ​Protect what's important and get covered. Belong and prosper. 

David was in a motorcycle accident on his way home from work and was not covered by workers' compensation (as is the case for most people now).


He claimed on the journey cover and Fair Wealth Australia made an emergency grant while that cover was being considered by his insurance.

David was able to carry on with life because we paid him while he was waiting for his insurance company to act and do the right thing.

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