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Economic Funeral Cover

 Our standard cover is affordable and is the same rate for any age member. This product is great cover whilst working, providing coverage until the age of 80. The peace of mind knowing that your family does not have to worry financially when you pass is the important part. Planning ahead can make a big difference and you should be able to say goodbye the way you want to. You are able to get Funeral Insurance over the phone in minutes, with guaranteed acceptance as there are no medicals or health checks. From day one of your membership, you are covered for accidental death as you pay for the Funeral Cover premiums. 

What is funeral cover?

As funerals can cost between $5,000 and $15,000 it is often difficult for people to have such funds readily available. For this reason, Funeral Insurance allows you to pay a regular premium into your funeral policy. When you pass, your family gets a lump sum towards the funeral costs, often paid within 48 hours of receiving the completed claim.


Will my premiums increase?

With our Economic funeral cover, your premiums are guaranteed to remain the same to 80. That means that the premium you pay when you first take out your cover will stay the same throughout your policy, unless you make changes to your cover, such as the addition of benefits, or increasing your amount of cover.


What is accidental death?

Accidental Death means a death as a result of physical injury caused solely and directly by external means, while Cover is in force. It does not include death arising from:

▪ Actual or attempted intentional self-injury or suicide

▪ Sickness, medical or surgical treatment

The taking of intoxicating liquor or drugs other than those prescribed for the life insured and taken in the correct dosage


When your cover commences you are covered for Accidental Death as soon as you take out your policy, and you will be covered for all causes of death 12 months from the date of your first payment to us.