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We help working Australians, live their best lives.

Because when our members need help, they turn to us.

Fair Wealth Australia is where our members turn for help with an issue or to further their situation. By subscribing, you'll gain access to valuable support such as counselling, life coaching, low-cost loans, basic insurance, and more.

With economic uncertainties ahead, a subscription to Fair Wealth Australia can help you avoid the payday lenders, manage your well-being, and get the peace of mind you deserve to live your best life. 

A subscription typically SAVES you money, plus a whole lot more.


Subscribe to Fair Wealth Australia for just $11.00 per week (or $500 pa).


Access low-cost mortgages and excellent longer-term personal loans negotiated on your behalf.


Receive 10x counselling and/or life coaching sessions during the year worth $1,650 alone.  

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Receive a range of insurance cover including accident, sickness and funeral cover for starters.


Get access to excellent financial grants to help avoid expensive pay-day lenders.


Plus a whole lot more including Mortgage Reviews, telephone support, and more.

Born of the railway unions, we now help all working Australians. 

We started life 75 years ago helping railway workers of all nationalities and backgrounds when they needed access to funds, support services or a helping hand. Now we help anyone working and paying tax in Australia. 


If that's you - then at least give us a call today to find out more. Because this in one subscription that will be there for when you want to improve your financial, personal or family situation.

These are included in membership or can be bought on their own. Either way, it's good to know you're covered and can turn to us as your community when you need.

Funeral Insurance Cover

Don’t leave your family with the worry of your funeral costs.

Sick & Accident Cover

Get up to $10,000 should you fall ill or have an accident.

Counselling Services

Help when life, work or family can feel overwhelming. 

Here's just 3 ways Fair Wealth Australia helps people like you and your family 

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As a non-profit organisation, we essentially pool our income from membership fees, loan interest, and other services income, to then distribute it in the form of grants to members who need it most - right when they need it. 

We're ready to help should trouble strike, or opportunity knock.

Consider Fair Wealth Australia your safety net that can ease the pressures and stress associated with financial issues, through:

  • short-term loans to cover immediate commitments

  • free mind and money counselling to show you the way forward when times seem tough

  • assistance to get your budget back on track

  • low-cost mortgages to ease the stress every week

  • wage support in case of sickness and accident

  • income support in case of an accident travelling to work
  • support for funerals to ease the burden on your family 
  • payouts to support your family in the event of death

  • as well as a range of events to participate in and enjoy.


What to do next?

Take a look at the website and then make contact with us for one of our membership managers to answer any questions you may have to consider joining. 

Click here to get in contact

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Born in the railway yards of the 1940's, our organisation has been helping working members through thick and thin for over 75 years. And now we're here for all working Australians.

Helping working Australians like you when they need it most

Fair Wealth Australia is a member-only not-for-profit organisation that looks after members both financially and emotionally when times get tough - or you simply need a helping hand to improve all things both money and mind.

We're someone to turn to when there feels like no-one else. Because we're better together as a community - than going it alone in life.

Membership fees are redistributed in the form of discretionary grants should you suffer loss of income due to sickness, accident, or natural disaster, as well as for your funeral should the worst happen. 

Your membership also includes basic insurance cover, financial assistance in the form of grants, access to a range of loans and credit advisors to improve your finances, life coaching, mental health counselling, plus a range of other tools, events, advice and support services. 

It's been the same for over 75 years - we're here as someone for working Australians to turn to when they need help improving the health of their money - and their mind. And that creates a happier, healthier life all round. 

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