Community Programs

  • Helper Mate Program

  • Funding Children's Education 

  • Discount Retail Program

  • Counselling and Life Coaching

  • Charitable Heart Program

Helper Mate Program

Fair Wealth Australia set up the Helper Mate Program initiative which is set up as a peer to peer community program that aims to provide assistance for front line employees who may experience, family breakdown, relationship issues, addictions, trauma, financial hardship, disability, death of a family member, domestic or intimate partner violence, shift-work related issues, job insecurity, unstable housing or affected by mental health issues. 

The Helper Mate program makes available experienced presenters to work within organisations across a range of industries including transport and a range of service industries by offering help to friends and family members additionally in any sector required. Awareness Training sessions are held for groups of up to 30 participants for 30 – 45 minutes. The content covered, equips and enlists co-workers in identifying and appropriately responding to the signs displayed when someone may be in distress or experiencing hardship or other difficulties in their life or the life of a family member.

The training will give participants basic tools to encourage others to feel comfortable in seeking help to address any difficulties or challenges as early as possible. 

Funding Children's Education

Fair Wealth has a long history of supporting working Australians in  education. We feel it’s important to support our members, to both pursue their own education goals and support the next generation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We believe that all children should be given the chance to learn and grow in the right environment and funding initiatives to support this can help ensure that the future shines a little brighter for the next generation. 


Each year Fair Wealth Australia provides a number of grants to families in the aim that children have access to better technology, teaching and education so that they can grow without the financial strain holding them back. Our gift to the younger community as the gift of education can live on forever. 

Discount Program

Our discount loyalty program is an online program which provides a number of different discounts to be applied on retail, supermarkets, telecoms, utility bills, finance and heath care. 

This is another initiative to help every day Australian families to help support to add extra funds into their pocket so they can save more and spend less. The online program is a positive benefit in which we like to reward our members with greater savings that can be used frequently. 

This program also goes hand in hand with our helper mate program so that there is something for everyone, so that everyone can benefit in some sort of way. This encourages members to get involved and as we run different promotional events for biggest savers and frequent users.

Counselling & Life Coaching

It is where a client relates his or her thoughts and feelings about family or relationships. Counselling services is often called the talking cure. There is research to indicate that talking can reduce the level of symptoms like anxiety in clients. Fair Wealth Australia Counselling in Parramatta offers counselling services that include family, relationship and depression counselling.

If you accept that much of your anxiety comes from our beliefs, then understanding what needs to change can often relieve the stress. For example someone with a fear of spiders will behave differently to someone who isn’t. If a client can be desensitized to the spider they will then have time to choose their reaction if any to their next encounter. Though we may not be aware, many times we are responding emotionally to a situation and counselling can help us see this and make new choices in response. These services are very important for understanding how we feel and vital to having a strong recovery process

Charitable Heart Program

On behalf of each and every Fair Wealth Australia member we donate every year to various charities so that everyone's small contribution can make a larger impact.

We have donated to charities for over 70 years, and the main categories of charities are welfare organisations such as St Vincent De Paul, The Salvation Army, Medical research, such as Children’s Medical research institute, Cancer Council, Microsearch Foundation, Make a wish and The Sydney University Medical Foundation.With children’s charities such as The Children’s Hospital at Randwick and Westmead. Also providing help to international aid agencies such as World Vision and social leadership organisations.

The Fair Wealth Australia charitable heart program began as an industry based charity after World War II and donations were collected from employees and pooled together. Our contributions are tax deductible for members and Fair Wealth Australia Members can nominate any amount and their preferred charity.

Together, we can help make a large impact.