Achieve Financial Freedom.

Our Advice has helped over 10,000 Australian Families

Fair Wealth Australia is able to offer a complete range of financial products through its position as an independent broker. You get the benefit of a goal-oriented plan which is tailor made to your lifestyle. Whatever stage of personal and financial development you are, our combined vision can help you evolve to where you need to be. 

• Financial advice - Financial Solutions differentiates itself from its competitors, through our financial adviser who is also a qualified life coach and counsellor. To create the life that our customers want, he can work with you to reduce stress and provide the lift you need to achieve even greater success for your goals in your career, relationships, and personal development. 


• Life Coaching -  The life coaching process works by examining your current situation and identifying what obstacles or challenges you may face before offering you solutions as to what actions you can take in order to get you to where you would like to be. This is designed to assist you in personal projects, business projects, general conditions and transitions and relationships. 

• Financial Education - We help Australians make better financial decisions, by providing a vast range of information and knowledge in plain English. We help by minimising the confusion and information overload, avoid mistakes, and set up a clear and easy to follow path from where they are now to the money and lifestyle results they want. 

How our financial advice can help you:


How are we different from everyone else?

The answer is simple...

We offer a complete package of products and services designed specifically to help you get ahead. Our background stems from a not for profit organisation and our qualifications in life coaching and counselling differ to any other organisation in this industry. Therefore, we take the time to totally understand your individual circumstance before matching the plan, products and services that suit your current and future requirements.

Take our advice on it...

Superannuation - Planning your future, and how you wish to spend it is important to consider now. Over your working lifetime, your accumulated superannuation could turn into one of your largest assests. It is important to manage your finances in order to satisfy your goals for your future. We can help achieve short and long term goals by assisting you to create the right superannuation plan for you.


• Cash-flow - Your day to day expenses, your income and just how you manage your money can often be overlooked. A good cash flow strategy can have a big impact on how you budget your everyday living or your large investment goals. Overall maximising what's in your pocket and how you use it is a fundamental element in creating financial freedom. 


• Tax -  Paying taxes is part of the game. No one likes paying more than what they need to, however their are strategies that can be implemented so that you can get ahead in your financial situation to use tax rules to your advantage in a legal manner. Get the most out of your money and make it work harder for you to start on the path of financial freedom. 

• Investment -  From a young age most of us think about some sort of investment. It could be in property could of been savings in the bank, shares or a car or boat. Whatever your investment plan and goals are, choosing the right one to suit your short and long terms goals can be tricky. We can help in in deciding where to invest your hard earned income so that it makes a big difference for your growth. 

• Property -  The Australian dream of owning property can be difficult in some scenarios. Its is important to have a strategy in place in order to get your foot into the market or leverage off your existing properties to create a property portfolio that you can be proud of. 

• Insurance -  Your level of insurance has cycles. As your circumstances change, so too does the amount of insurance you require. Insurance is designed to protect the things you can’t afford to lose. As you develop your financial position, your requirement for insurance will decrease.

Our Guide to Financial Freedom

  1. Our 7 Steps to achieving Financial Freedom 

  2. Tips for you to improve your current position 

  3. Financial Education