Fair Wealth was formed on the principle of people helping people, providing its members and their families with cover benefits from the beginning of their working life right up to the end of their natural life and beyond. We tailor solutions for our individual members, providing them with the assistance and cover necessary for their distinct circumstances. Our aim is to keep members free from hardship and keep families together.


Fair Wealth Australia was founded in 1945, originally set up to better support Australian railway workers.We have since grown to a group of organisations that has helped the Australian community for over 70 years, offering a number of different products, services and programs.


Our core model delivers under three distinct categories:


  • Member Financial Solutions

  • Sick/Illness & Crisis Support Programs

  • Retail Discount Program

  • Discretionary & Mortality Products



We support working Australians and their families to meet their financial goals. Whether it's financial independence or support in times of need, Fair Wealth Australia has helped members access services other institutions won't offer.


​Fair Wealth was originally developed as an employee assistance program offering both crisis grants, counselling services, sick and accident cover and funeral support.In addition to these services Fair wealth now provides members credit at competitive rates through our financial solutions arm and a range of financial services as a part of our core offer.


We've been here for over 70 years, so you can have confidence that we will be able to help you build for the future and take care of today.

Community Programs

We have a number of different programs and benefits we offer to the local and wider community to Australian families to help socially, emotionally and financially.


We offer a free financial health check and have a vast ray of options for the community to assist with finding a loan product.


Ensuring you always have a back up plan and a safety net to fall back on is so important. We have solutions to cover small and large incidents so that you always have a Plan B

Advice and Education

The sky is the limit and planning ahead to reach your goals and dreams helps in achieving them, check out how we can educate you so that your journey is a little bit easier. 

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Disclaimer: The Welfare Fund Ltd (ABN: 25 155 698 105) is trading as Fair Wealth Australia. The Welfare Fund Ltd is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence Number 434065 and an Australian Credit Licence 423050. Financial Solutions (ABN: 41 701 190 619) is a corporate authorised credit representative (Credit Representative Number 500747) of the Welfare Fund Ltd.

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