About HelperMate

HelperMate is a program that can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation for; employees, members or contractors.


The program offers a unique peer assistance approach by combining:

  • General Awareness Training throughout the organisation.

  • Connector Training supporting those who want and are able to encourage others to seek help early when they need to.

  • Professional Counselling to support Connectors or others needing further advice and assistance.


Having HelperMate in your organization compliments other programs that may already exist (e.g. Wellness Programs or EAP) and can reinforce messages about being proactive in seeking and getting help early. The counselling services are there to provide an additional reference point for those in need.





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Work mates helping and talking


HelperMate is a great way to:

  • Care for people within your organisation

  • Provide alternatives to seeking care and getting the help needed to get through a tough time

  • Reduce the likelihood of adverse events by having people who are well supported

  • Demystify the process of getting help

  • Promote a culture of care and bring people together to help support each other no matter what their background or role