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Small Loans - Up to $3,000

Borrow up to $3,000 and get paid the same day*. You do not need to be a member to apply for a loan and the same rates apply. Application fee's and process are below.

Cost of a Small Loan

Loans between $300 and $3,000 you will pay:

• Establishment fee: a one off fee of 12% of the principal amount borrowed.

• Monthly loan fee: 2% of the principal amount borrowed that is charged per month for the duration of the loan.

Each loan has the exact cost on the credit contract which is sent out once an application is submitted and approved. You'll always see a clear breakdown of all your fees and repayments before you confirm your loan. You can customise your repayments to suit your needs. 

How long can the loan last for?

If you have a Small Loan, the payment options range from 2 to 12 months

What documents do I need to submit?


The online application will require you to submit a minimum of 3 documents;

  • Proof of ID – Drivers licence, Passport or ID card

  • Latest Payslip

  • The last 90 days of bank statements

We also require any outstanding bills you have to strengthen the application submission. This helps verify your identification and the reason for the loan.

How can I receive a loan with Financial Solutions?


We have constructed our small loans so that they are easy to apply for, and our process involves 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Complete our online loan application by attaching the required documents

STEP 2: If your loan has been approved, review your credit contract, sign and return the document.

STEP 3: Accept our direct debit request or payroll deduction form to set up payments and we’ll transfer the funds into your account on the same day.

How long does it take to get a loan?

Generally the process is quick and easy so loans are funded the same day of the application. Therefore, the application process is dependent on you! If you successfully submit the application with the required documents, we will transfer the funds on the same day. The sooner we are provided with the required documentation, the quicker we can get it done!

Do we renew loans and does this increase the cost? 

Loans are based upon their own merits, meaning every case is assessed separately. Financial Solutions does not renew small loans or refinancing of the small loan. If an increase of funds is needed then it you must apply for a new loan and the same fees will apply.

Applying is easy 


Online: You can apply from anywhere in Australia, at any time! If you prefer to apply with a hard copy this is also accepted and we can send the forms to you.

Paperless: Our application process allows the entire process to be online which makes it easy and quick. The application can be all signed off through your device.

Friendly: Our background in a not for profit industry has allowed us to always put our customers first. We want to help and we will always do our best to ensure that your needs are being met.

Quick Service: We are committed to processing your loan as fast as possible. We will transfer your funds that same day!


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